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What to Expect After Your Massage

Imagine you walking out of the massage boutique, feeling like a whole new person. Relaxed, calm, free of stress, feeling like your muscles are made of jello and no sight of any pain. We all know, or can at least imagine, how your body feels immediately after the massage… but what about the following days?

What is Typical to Feel After a Massage?

As a part of the healing process after a massage, many people report feeling some sort of soreness or tightness in their muscles. Some feel it more than others, and some may find different parts of their body are sore this time that weren’t the last time.

Something else that people experience after a massage is the feeling of being dehydrated, which can lead to headaches. This is because during the massage, the muscles and tissues release fluids into the vascular system, meaning it’s going to need some help restocking the water it lost during the massage! Be sure to drink plenty of water before your massage, and then drink 2-3 extra cups of water for the next day or two after your massage.

Lastly, expect to be a little more sleepy, especially the day of the massage and the next morning. After all, a massage is like a treatment for the body, and oftentimes the body needs the energy it would normally use for routine tasks in order to heal itself instead! Allow your body to use that energy and take it easy.

Why Do I Get Sore After a Massage?

A massage is similar to the principles of a workout… muscles that haven't been stimulated in a while are going to feel sore, and the parts of your body that may be holding onto some tightness might be highlighted from the session. This is because during massage, blood carries nutrients to your muscles while at the same time eliminating toxins; therefore, causing your muscles to be sore as a physical delayed response. If you are someone who is super sensitive or have a lot of pain and tension, go for a more gentle, light pressure massage as opposed to a deep tissue massage, as these can cause post-massage soreness more easily. If you end up being sore, don’t worry! Stay hydrated, perform some gentle stretches, and try some heat therapy. The soreness isn't likely to last long!

No matter what side effects you may feel after your massage, don’t worry… they shouldn’t last long! Especially with a professional massage therapist. Just be sure to drink plenty of water, get lots of rest, and stretch out any sore muscles that need some extra TLC. We promise you’ll feel like a million bucks next!

To reap the benefits of a healing massage in Strongsville or Avon (or soon in Medina), give us a call today!

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