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Sunless tanning is a vital part of your healthy lifestyle. Decrease your risk of skin cancer associated with the traditional bed tanning and sun bathing and indulge your skin in anti oxidants, hydration, and bronzing goodness.

Featuring Sjolie Organic Sunless Tanning

*Gluten Free *Paraben Free * Eurythrulose Free

*PETA Approved * Naturally Derived *Vegan Certified

Sunless Tanning is a Specifically formulated solution that is misted over the body through an HVLP or Airbrush system. Over a matter of hours the naturally sourced active ingredients work with your skins amino acids to produce a natural and safe pigment. As with a sun tan, the pigment is temporary. 

Benefits of Spray Tanning

-Immediate Color from a wide range of sunless shades

-Decrease the risk of sun damange and skin cancer

-Customize your sunless session to your skins wants and needs

-Indulge in nutrient rich product to enhance your skin







Regular $121 
Rapid $161

Achieve The Best Results

Prior to your session:
  • Moisturize the skin with a hydrating body lotion or moisturizer 18-24 hrs before the session

  • Exfoliate with a spa grade exfoliator 18-24 hrs before the session

  • Complete your shaving routine 18-24 hrs before the session and wax no less than 24 hrs before

  • Schedule your manicure and pedicure services 24 hrs before the session

Day of your session:
  • Avoid contact with sweat and water until your designated shower time

  • Wear dark, loose-fitting clothing to avoid color transfer while the tan develops

  • Avoid white bedding while the tan develops

  • Do not wear leggings, silk, closed toe shoes, socks, tight or white clothing

  • Do not apply deodorant , perfume, body oils or moisturizer to the skin

  • Do not touch or scratch areas of the body where the solution has been applied while the tan develops

  • Do not shower before your designated shower time

After your session:

  • Always pat dry (do not rub) when exiting the shower

  • Moisturize at least once a day with a Tan Extend lotion

  • Drink plenty of water

  • Use a gentle nonacidic body wash

  • Avoid shaving; if necessary, use a new sharp razor without a moisture strip

  • Avoid chlorine and salt water exposure

  • Avoid excessive activity that would cause sweating

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