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Soaker Tub

Luxurious bathtub offers both a relaxing whirlpool and a blissful bubble massage hydrotherapy. The 20 air jets push air through the water to completely surround your body in a blissful cushion of massaging bubbles, 18 whirlpool water jets deliver a powerful, relaxing and invigorating hydromassage. With unparalleled technology, this jetted tub boasts an aromatherapy LED lighting system to create a moody atmosphere. Including a slim waterfall opening inside the tub delivers an attention grabbing cascade when the bathtub is filled. Indulge yourself in a state of extreme relaxation and tranquility! 

                                                  Salt Soak Bath Options

                                                         1. Ruby Rose

                                                 2. Forget Me Not Lavender

                                                      3. Orange Mimosa

                                                      4. Eucalyptus Mint

                                                      5. Love Potion

                                                       6. Unscented

                                                  (No fragrance, no flowers)

                                           Eucalyptus Bundle Add On

                                                     (12 stems)  $23

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