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The Benefits of Regular Massage

Many people go for massages as a rare treat, something they only do once every few years. But what many people actually don’t know is that getting massages on a frequent, regular basis can actually compound the benefits of the massage. So instead of feeling just temporary relief, you could feel much more long-term benefits if you incorporate them more into your lifestyle. Let’s get into some of the top reasons why you should make your massages a routine!

1) Improves stress levels

This one is pretty self-explanatory… who doesn’t feel amazing and relaxed after a massage? By getting massages regularly, you are helping your brain decrease the negative health responses related to chronic stress. Not only that, but your cortisol and insulin levels will decrease, stress-reducing hormones will be released into your bloodstream more regularly, and with regularly increased endorphins flowing through us we can disrupt the transmission of pain signals.

2) Improves circulation

Due to our typical 9-5 work lifestyles and sitting at desks and computer screens for hours on end, we tend to not have a lot of blood flow going on. But through regular massages your blood circulation will improve overall in various ways. Your overall nutrition of your tissues will improve, the elasticity of your blood vessels, the blood flow and oxygen levels flowing to tissues will increase, and your blood pressure will be reduced thanks to the improved stress levels mentioned above.

3) Increases Immunity

We all know that improving our immune systems is a VERY important deal right now, so why not let a massage help? By getting regular massages your body will distribute and stimulate the production of white blood cells (which are your immune cells) throughout the body to help filter out metabolic waste and toxins to protect from viruses and bacteria. In addition, through improved circulation of the lymphatic system, our natural defenses against infections are improved.

4) Prevents muscle strains

Muscle strains are often caused by overuse of the muscles. By getting regularly massaged, you can help your muscles reduce tension, you can improve the circulation and oxygen getting received by your muscles, and you will help to stimulate joint fluid production with improves the elasticity and flexibility of tissues connecting to the joint.

5) Improves posture

Another great benefit of regular massages is the improvement in overall posture. This can occur simply by freeing up the restrictions of the tissues from stress, stiffness, fatigue, or overuse and allow the body to move and align more naturally.

Massages can be a very beneficial tool in keeping your body in its best feeling form. Whether you work at a desk most days or perform labor intensive work, regular massages can help assist in any lifestyle so that your body can better perform outside of work. The more often and consistent you book your massage appointments, the better your overall body will feel over time. So, what are you waiting for? Book for a healthier future today!

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